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Our people are our most important asset. We cherish them. BUA Cement Plc unites its employees behind its mission, “To produce and market high quality cement for national development”. This mission is supported by four core values that determine what it’s like to work at BUA Cement. These values drive our interest in employee inclusiveness, providing, care, and enhancing workplace innovation. Our people are the most important part of our entire value chain hence, at BUA Cement Plc, we welcome diverse perspectives and people who think rigorously and are not afraid to challenge assumptions. Driven by the passion to retain the best talents, our talent acquisition strategy is centered around making our work environment the best place to work. This strategy earned us the certificate of one of the best 100 companies to work for in Nigeria, 2016 – 2019, by the Jobberman Group. We are dedicated to building an inclusive culture where employees contribute their best at all time. We thrive on change, operate on trust, and leverage the diverse perspectives of people on our team in everything we do.


At BUA Cement Plc, we provide an enabling environment where employee career growth is enhanced. Our career growth practice is a blend of build, borrow, and buy acquisition philosophy. However, we are intentional about building our team and associates. This is done by ensuring, as a standard, that all vacancies are internally advertised before such openings are advertised externally. This is to give opportunity for internal career growth. Our performance manage system driven by the Balance Score Card (BSC) model is adopted to ensure an all-round perspective of the business is assessed and high performers are produced, rewarded and promoted, as the case maybe. One critical part of our people-growth strategy is the emphasis succession planning. Over the years, this has been a strategic initiative for employee retention, growth, and development


We offer a diverse set of comprehensive recognition and rewards programs. These range from performance driven monthly, quarterly and annual reward and recognition initiatives meant to create, motivate, and engage our diverse workforce. . One of such recognition initiatives is the employee long-service award, which recognizes members of staff for their years of contribution to the success of the Organisation.

BUA Cement boasts of best practices in the area of reward, compensation management, and policy framework including intentional allocation of stocks to employees.


BUA Cement takes pride in training employees at all levels of the business. Our management development programme, business management signature training programme, supply chain and sales academy programmes, are geared towards building the right skills and competences in our people.


We believe that people who do great work deserve great support. That is why in BUA Cement Plc, we care about setting clear goals, creating an enabling environment, rewarding great work, building a culture of flexibility, learning and inclusion.

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