BUA Cement

BUA Cement, Edo

BUA Cement (Obu) Plant - Lines 1 & 2

BUA Cement (Obu) is a $1billion investment of BUA Group primarily engaged in the business of quarrying, extracting, processing and dealing in limestone as well as the manufacture and supply of cement. The cement plant is located in Edo state and both lines represent the largest non-oil, and gas related investment in the South-South, Nigeria.



  • Greenfield Plants with a combined capacity of 6Million mtpa comprising of Lines 1 & 2.
  • 78MW Ultra-modern Gas Turbines combining low economic value cost with a very high degree of
  • A 31-kilometer gas pipeline.
  • A 7.5km conveyor steel bridge used in transporting crushed limestone from the quarry to the Cement
  • Efficient Kilns popularly known as the heart of the Cement Plant.
  • Air purifying mechanisms setup to enhance the quality of air released from the cement manufacturing
  • Gas analyzers used in regulating carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

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