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21-09- 2023

BUA Cement is committed to achieving its vision of being a highly competitive market leader in Nigeria.

Here are some financial highlights from our 2021 income statement:

0 bn
0 bn
Gross Profit
0 bn
Profit before Tax
0 bn
Profit after Tax

Latest Investor News

ABUJA, August 31, 2023 Abdul Samad Rabiu, Chairman of BUA Cement Plc, Nigeria’s second-largest cement company, announced during the BUA Cement FY2022 Annual General Meeting that the company plans to …

Notice is hereby given that the 7 Annual General Meeting (“the Meeting”) of BUA Cement Plc (“the Company”) will hold on Thursday, August 31, 2023, at the Congress Hall of …

Why Invest in BUA Cement

Our consistent financial success has been a strong indicator of our investor's faith in our company over the years

BUA Cement's leadership invests its time and resources in making sure the right people are behind the company's operations

Dubbed, "The King of Strength", BUA Cement has become a favourite of those in the construction industry


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At BUA Cement, we are committed to best practices for corporate governance in line with regulations