BUA Cement

We are committed to providing quality products with a focus on effective management and practices

As a responsible organization, we are fully aware of the responsibilities and obligations attached with becoming market leaders in the construction sector. We have been harnessing local resources, investing in human capital development, setting up efficient industries and giving back to communities through various social impact / intervention programs.

We foresee a great Africa driven by determination and disruptive innovation in delivering quality products and services. - Hence our investments in strategic Ultra-modern Eco-friendly Cement Plants to lay the foundation for growth – and a supply network to reach our customers with ease.

Our 3 key areas of keen interest in ensuring total sustainability include:


While constructing our Ultra modern Cement producing facilities, we have taken the following proactive measures against; CO2 emissions, Noise and dust pollution. Our facilities come with Carbon emission gas analyzers monitored by our operators. Dust collectors installed around the cement facilities purify the air quality. Our product Portland- limestone cement is also environmentally friendly. Less fossil fuel is expended in the production of Portland limestone cement than the conventional Portland cement.

Social Impact

In executing its CSR strategy, BUA Group implements initiatives in line with the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), aimed to drive economic growth and encourage Human development capacity.Over the years, BUA Group has invested millions of dollars (through its respective subsidiaries) in extensive social impact projects towards the development of host communities by investing in:
  • Health care.
  • Education
  • Water & sanitation and other areas.


BUA Cement is West Africa’s Second Largest Cement Company and is listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of 1.18Trillion Naira (USD3.29Billion) following a merger betweenthe BUA-owned cement entities, Cement Company of Northern Nigeria and Obu Cement Company. This listing brings BUA Cement’s total capacity across all its cement assets to 11million MTPA with a new 3million MTPA BUA Cement (Sokoto Line 4) recently commissioned in January of 2022. BUA Cement also has the benefit of market leadership positions in its key regional markets of the North West, South South and South-East Nigeria due to its location and proximity to those markets. It also has a huge export market in Western Africa.