BUA Cement

2022 Calendar

Information about the year 2022.

Nigeria Strategy for 2022


Potential Sales increase in 2022

  • Early passage of 2022 budget by the Federal Government
  • Flood repairs on roads and buildings as well as new building projects
  • Increase export sales
  • Increase domestic consumption due to housing deficit

FG focus on Infrastructure

  • Road Tax Initiative by the Federal Government
  • Focus on infrastructural development by the government
  • Increase Capital Expenditure in budget
  • Recognition of concrete roads



Our Business Focus

  • Best Quality in the market
  • Quicker time to market of our products
  • Improved yield for the block makers
  • Increase market awareness
  • Improve plants combined enlarged synergy

Perceived Quick Wins

  • Service combined northern and southern market with increased distribution
  • Increase depot locations across the country
  • Continuous engagement of block makers


Nigeria Market Outlook 2022


Positive market outlook based on early signing of the 2022 Federal Government Budget


Net positive effect of the signing of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCTA) making trade between countries easier


The new tax finance bill set to encourage business growth especially for small and medium scale enterprises which will boost consumption


CBN's recent mix of heterodox policy actions will not only ease cost of rolling over government borrowings but will also stimulate domestic private sector investments


Currency Stability likely due to the strong will of the Government to keep defending the Naira and reasonable stable oil prices.