BUA Cement

BUA Cement completes construction, begins testing facilities at its new Obu Cement Plant Okpella

…installed capacity hits 8million MTPA; Partners SON & ITF to train blockmakers across

Less than 6 months after commissioning its 1.5million mtpa Kalambaina Cement Plant in Sokoto
state, BUA Cement, has announced that it has completed construction of its newest Cement
Factory – The 3million MTPA Obu II Cement plant, Okpella in Edo State, Nigeria. This will bring
the total capacity of BUA Obu cement operations to 6million tonnes and move the entire
Group’s installed capacity to 8million MTPA. A date for commissioning is to be announced soon
according to the statement from BUA Group.
Speaking at a business forum recently, Abdul Samad Rabiu, Founder & Executive Chairman of
BUA Group – owners of BUA Cement, said that the completion of BUA’s Obu Cement 2 nd line
puts BUA Cement in prime position to be Nigeria’s second largest cement producers by volume
in a short while. According to Abdul Samad Rabiu, “Through a strategic combination of BUA
Cement’s newer, more energy efficient plants and the proximity of our factory locations to key
regional markets across Nigeria, BUA Cement has in no time become the industry leader in
capacity utilization as well as maintaining a strong presence and brand leadership position in
regional markets where it operates.
“The nature of the formulation of BUA Cement’s products and the product strength has seen it
dubbed, “King of Strength” by blockmakers as well as others in the construction industry in
Nigeria”, he added. In addition, BUA Cement has also entered into a partnership with the
Standards Organisation of Nigeria and Industrial Training Fund to train thousands of
blockmakers across Nigeria on the proper mix and techniques for blockmaking to reduce the
rates of building collapse in Nigeria.
The completion of the new 3million mtpa BUA Obu II Cement Plant will see BUA’s installed
capacity rise to 8million metric tons by the time it fully becomes operational in December 2018.
The plant has the capacity to run on multifuels – gas and heavy oils, and will give BUA Cement
a stronger foothold in the South-South and South East markets in Nigeria where it has become
the preferred brand of cement. By virtue of its location in Okpella, Edo State, BUA Obu Cement
plants are 5hours away from all the major markets across Nigeria.
BUA Group announced last year that it built a 50km pipeline to carry gas to fire its gas turbines
at its Obu Cement Plant.

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