BUA Cement

BUA Group acquires Majority Interests in Construction & Mining Giants, P.W. Nigeria LTD.

BUA Group, one of Africa’s largest infrastructure companies has announced its acquisition of majority
shareholding in P.W. Nigeria Limited – one of Nigeria’s largest construction, engineering and mining
companies. According to BUA, this was necessary to further deepen its investments in the infrastructure
business in sub-saharan Africa.
Speaking on the acquisition, Abdul Samad Rabiu, Executive Chairman of BUA Group said, “This
acquisition marks the beginning of the next phase of our medium term strategy for our infrastructure
business following the completion of the consolidation of our cement arm, BUA Cement, in January
2020. BUA’s acquisition of majority holdings in PW Nigeria Limited provides a prime opportunity to
increase our investments in the entire value chain of the Cement, Mining and Construction industry
where we already have BUA Cement Plc, the second largest cement company in Nigeria, as well as
investments in other areas including mining, quarrying, construction, power and logistics amongst
others. We believe P.W. Nigeria Ltd with its solid experience in building dams, roads, airports, water
projects and other infrastructure projects in Nigeria provided a strong value proposition too difficult to
Rabiu further added that, as Nigeria and most of West Africa looks to improve infrastructural
development in coming years, it became imperative for BUA to position itself strategically to support
critical investments and government effort and unlock latent opportunities in the infrastructure
development space.
The acquisition of P.W. Nigeria extends BUA’s investments, leadership and capacity in the infrastructure
space and projects are expected to benefit from a tight integration of BUA’s cement business and PW
Nigeria’s construction business.
Originally founded in 1948 in Ireland, and later began operations in Nigeria in 1974, P.W. Nigeria Ltd. has
now over 45 years of experience working in Nigeria, and throughout the West Africa region. P.W.
Nigeria Ltd. has an extensive modern fleet of construction equipment and a team of highly trained and
professional staff. It is highly committed to the continued development of Nigeria. We boast a diverse
portfolio comprising mining, earthmoving, roads and bridges, airport runways, infrastructure
development, water supply & sewage. These projects have not only helped grow local economies, but
also improved the quality of life for the communities and people in the region. We have an unmatched
combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment coupled with sound financial
backing which elevates us as your number one partner in Nigeria and West Africa.
BUA Group was established in 1988 by founder and industrialist, Abdul Samad Rabiu and has grown over
the years to entrench its place as a leading player in the foods, mining, manufacturing and infrastructure
space in Africa with major investments in cement, mining, real estate, steel, port operations, sugar and
agribusiness. With key operations spread across Nigeria and an international presence in London, BUA
Group has firmly established a reputation as one of the largest contributors to Nigeria’s GDP. It’s key
cement holding, BUA Cement, is the second largest producer of Cement in Nigeria and is listed on the
Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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